One day at work,
    I stumbled upon this so cute Beagle :

    LPS 77

    It was love at first sight ! 

    Back then, in 2007, I didn't know anything about the Littlest Petshop
    and they were fastly growing out.

    Sometime later, as I was on vacation at my younger sister's,
    I bought my very first pet :

    LPS 287

    And so it was the beginning of 

    my LPS's story...

    Pretty quickly I wanted another pet, and then another one, and another one.
    Again and again... And so on.

    Now there are pets eveywhere : at home, at work... I become a true LPS's collector...

    In 2008, I created a first blog
    and then another one.
    In 2009, PETSHOP SHOOP was created in a French version. And now this English version in order to share with everyone
    my passion for the LPS.

    I hope you'll enjoy this website
    with all these sweetest monsters 
    who live in a parallel world !

    And don't forget these French words which are the PETSHOP SHOOP's slogan :

    " Ils sont vilainement beaux "
    (meaning : "They are frightfully sweet")